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American Craniosacral Therapy Association

Holistic Nurses Association

Janyne's Story

Janyne started out after college with a business degree. She went to work in NYC in publishing and advertising but something was missing. She did some soul searching and went back to night school while working full time until she completed her Nursing degree in 1999 and has been a Nurse ever since enjoying her days helping children as well as adults.

While she has always been involved with health and wellness, her journey down the holistic road began upon the birth of her twin boys in 2003. When multiple Physicians were not able to help her son’s health issues, she then turned to the holistic route and found a Craniosacral Therapist and an Integrative Physician who changed everything. They found the root cause of all of his health and developmental issues and treated him holistically.  This not only helped her son in so many profound ways but also encouraged her to learn and get directly involved in his healing process which in turn benefited hers as well.

Feeling that Western medicine was not a good fit for her, she began to pursue a holistic way to utilize her love for helping others to achieve their optimal state of health. Being trained by the Upledger Institute (Dr. John Upledger) and The Gillespie Approach (Dr. Barry Gillespie), she has been able to learn how to tune in and work with the innate healing ability of the body through the craniosacral system and found her true passion for helping others holistically come to fruition.

Janyne has also been trained in using essential oils for healing, muscle testing for allergies and sensitivities in the body, healing with supplements and foods, and Reiki.  She is currently obtaining her Masters in Holistic Healing from Georgian Court University and is currently a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner.

Member of The American Craniosacral Therapy Association, Holistic Nurses Association and The International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners

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